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Research shows that those with the lowest intake of fruit and vegetables are twice as much at risk of developing cancer. I recommend 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

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Dr. Soroush Habibi is the author of the book titled "Nutritional Healing, Young Today, Young Tomorrow".

Dr. Habibi has been a practising physician for the last twenty-two years with a passion for nutrition and disease prevention. His experience goes beyond the borders of Australia extending to the Pacific Islands and Asia. He is a member of Australian Medical Acupuncture Society.

He is also a member of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. He has been practising nutritional medicine for the past 11 years. He is a dynamic speaker and regularly presents seminars and workshops to doctors, companies and the public on topics related to the importance of healthy living, the importance of nutritional supplementation, mind power, stress management and the secrets of contentment and success.

What do you achieve by attending these seminars/workshops?

At his seminars/workshops, Dr Habibi assists you to become pro-active with your life, your thoughts and your health and learn about the followings:

  • Learn the secrets of healthy living
  • Learn the secrets of disease prevention
  • Learn the secrets of visualisation to increase your productivity and achieve your goals
  • Discover the secrets of anti-aging & antioxidants
  • Discover the secrets of youthful vitality
  • Discover the secrets of memory enhancement
  • Discover the secrets of mind power and the subconscious mind
  • Learn to look at problems as opportunities
  • Learn to manage your stress more appropriately
  • Learn the secrets of weight management and fitness

How do you personally benefit from the seminar/workshop?

  • Your health will improve
  • You will have more energy and vitality
  • You reduce the risk of dying prematurely from heart attack, cancer, stroke and diabetes
  • You become more health conscious, eat better and exercise more regularly
  • You will be more content
  • You will become more positive
  • You will learn how to use Mind Power and subconscious mind to your advantage
  • You will learn how to reduce your stress level and deal with your stress more appropriately
  • You will learn how to protect yourself against cancer
  • You will learn how to protect yourself against aging
  • You will learn how to enhance your memory

How does your company benefit from it?

  1. Your employees will enjoy all the above benefits
  2. Your employees will appreciate the company's vision
  3. Your productivity will improve
  4. Your employees' sick leave will decline
  5. You will have a happy and positive environment in the work place
  6. Your employees will stay longer with the company

Cancer, your worst enemy, how do we beat it?

Cancer is the third most common cause of death in Australia but the second largest killer in USA. In Australia between 1990 and 1996 the incidence for all cancers (apart from non-melanocytic skin cancers) rose for both sexes by 2.1% for males and 1.4% for females.20

More than two-thirds of cancers could be prevented by lifestyle changes such as not smoking, a good diet and exercise.8

Diet accounts for about 35 per cent of all cancers.3

Nearly 80,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year.9

This equates to an average risk of 1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women being directly affected by cancer. 4

In USA one in every three will die of a kind of cancer. Cancer claims the life of more than 500,000 people a year.7

In USA 42% of men and 39% of women at some stage in their lives are expected to develop cancer. The incidence of breast cancer is 11% and prostate cancer 12%.19

Despite all advancements in medical science and improvement in treatment of some types of cancer, we are far from winning the war against cancer.7

What can nutritionally be done about cancer prevention?

Lots of things! Have a read of the two following studies.

Coenzyme Q10 and breast cancer

In this study 21 women with infiltrative ductal carcinoma (of the breast) who underwent radical mastectomy were studied. The CoQ10 activity was measured in the tumour tissue and surrounding normal tissue. The CoQ10 concentration was much higher in the surrounding normal tissue. The study concluded that CoQ10 supplementation might have a protective effect against breast cancer via free radical mechanisms.47

Vitamin A and Cancer prevention

In a controlled study in USA, 89,000 nurses were studied for 8 years. Those who were given more than 6,630 IU of vitamin A per day had a considerably lower incidence of cancer. The RDA level is 5,000IU per day.6

Schedule of upcoming seminars and workshops

Sat 3rd of August

Diabetes and Nutrition

Wed 15th of May

Role of Nutrition in Disease Prevention

Wed 3rd of April

Cancer and Nutrition


  • To promote optimal health via natural therapies
  • To motivate people to perform better
  • To develop stress management strategies
  • To use Mind Power techniques to reach excellence in life
  • To utilise the power of your subconscious mind to create health and wealth
  • To educate people about the science of health and nutrition in order to have more energy and vitality, to live longer and learn the art of contentment


In the early 1900s, the world's major causes of premature death were infectious diseases:

  • Influenza
  • Tuberculosis
  • Pneumonia
  • Diphtheria

Today, the world's leading causes of premature death are degenerative diseases:

  • Heart Disease - 11.6 million
  • Cancer - 7.2 million
  • Stroke - 5.1 million
  • Diabetes - 600,000

Today's lifestyle

Stress seems to be an inseparable part of our life. Ironically we are so used to it, it is abnormal not to have it! We rush to get to work, work longer hours, bring work home, meet the dead lines, pick up the children from school, take them to their sport activities or their piano lessons, rush back home to cook dinner for an over worked, agitated, underpaid and stressed spouse. We are stressed because there is no job security any more. We are stressed because we want a bigger house, a better car and more money. We are stressed because we live in this competitive world where material gain and being number one is everything, even if we have a heart attack and die for it. Have you had a friend, a relative, a colleague or a neighbour die of heart attack due to stress? Have you noticed that many stressed people age faster than others do? I certainly have. Does this sound like a familiar state of affairs to you? I am certain that some of us can relate to it. Obviously, there are many more scenarios!
What is this stress doing to us? It is creating an exponential amount of free radicals in our body constantly. In other words, the human body, the only one we have is being bombarded by free radicals. The end result will be oxidative stress and one of these days; one may die young at age forty or fifty.

That is why in today's society people are dying prematurely of heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. There are other risk factors, which will be discussed at the seminar.


Research indicates that these diseases are preventable? Are there any studies to support this? You bet!

  • Vitamin E and heart disease
    There were 2002 patients with previous CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) studied in a Double Blind Placebo Controlled (DBPC) style.
    They took up to 800I.U. of vitamin E per day.
    There was an amazing 75% reduction in heart attacks.
    This was published by Stephen in the Lancet (1996; 347).
  • Carotenoids and CHD (Coronary Heart Disease)
    There were1899 patients with high lipid levels studied by Dexter Morris Ph.D., M.D., et al, which was published in JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) 272 No.18, 1994. The study concluded that those with high levels of carotenoids had less incidence of CHD. This indicated that high carotenoid intake had protective effect against CHD. However, smokers did not enjoy the same benefit as non-smokers.50 This clearly demonstrates how bad smoking is for us.
  • Combination of Vitamin C & E in CHD (Coronary Heart Disease)
    The majority of studies are based on single antioxidant evaluation as multiple antioxidant studies create horrendous statistical possibilities. However, in this study the two most common antioxidants were combined. The National Institute of Health in USA, division of aging, followed 11,178 people for 10 years looking at the effect of vitamin C and E combined on the health of this elderly group. These people were prescribed high doses of vitamin C & E above the level found in multivitamins. The findings were reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1996; 64: 190-196. The result was amazing. There was 50% less death from heart disease in the group taking antioxidants. There was also an incredible 60% drop in mortality from cancer.51

Research Statistics

  1. Zinc supplementation is studied to reduce cold and respiratory infections by 40%.
  2. Zinc also enhances the immune system and reduces the duration of common cold.
  3. It has been shown that vitamin C supplementation reduces the incidence of cold and flu and duration of them significantly.
  4. People with chronic sinusitis were tested and two out of three had lower levels of antioxidants in the nasal tissue compared to healthy individuals.
  5. Vitamin C and E reduces death from heart disease by 50%.
  6. Vitamin E 400-800 IU per day reduces heart attack by 75%.
  7. Selenium 200mcg a day reduces risk of prostate cancer by 74%, colon by 60% and lung cancer by 30%
  8. The patients were given HGH (Human Growth Hormone) at the body's natural rhythm. Eighty eight per cent showed improvement in muscle strength; 80% of patients felt more energetic; 75%had better sexual potency; 72 per cent lost fat; 70 per cent had better skin texture and noticed loss of wrinkles. They were happier and emotionally more stable people.19
  9. Folic Acid supplementation in patients with ulcerative colitis has shown to reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer. In fact prescribing folic acid reduces the pre-cancerous lesions of the colon by 28%. One mg of folic acid per day seems to decrease the risk by 50%.7

What do these statistics mean to you?

  • Your sick leave rate will drop by 40%
  • If your employees catch cold they will recover more quickly
  • You will have stronger immune system
  • Death from heart disease will drop by 50%
  • The rate of heart attack amongst your employees will drop by 75%
  • They will be protected against prostate cancer by 74%, colon cancer by 50% and lung cancer by 30 %
  • They will have 80% more energy


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