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Indigestion, bloating, burping, more wind and a large apple shape abdomen could be due to aging.

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Your biological age may be quite different from your chronological age. Has it occurred to you that some times you are so tired and out of source that you feel 10 years older? Has it also occurred to you that when you are happy, had a good night sleep and a good day at work and full of vitality you feel 10 years younger? That is what I am talking about!

How about providing your cells with proper and adequate nutrients, antioxidants via a diverse diet and supplementation to enhance your inner well being and hence more vitality and longevity.

Medical Research has shown that doing the following may help you achieve younger age:

Eating a diverse diet which is low in calories, high in nutrients and antioxidants, including 4 servings of fruit per day can make your biological age as much as 4 years younger.

Flossing and brushing your teeth daily can make your true age more than 6 years younger.

Taking vitamins C and E on daily basis can make you age as much as 6 years younger. This is because of the antioxidant and anti-aging effect of them. You need 1200mg of vitamin C and 400 IU of vitamin E per day to achieve this.

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