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Indigestion, bloating, burping, more wind and a large apple shape abdomen could be due to aging.

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Don't Envy Anyone

Don't envy anyone, because you don't know what secret sorrows they have. This is very true. You never know what goes on in other peoples' lives behind closed doors. That has proven to be true over the years. I have witnessed top businessmen millionaire entrepreneurs die suddenly at the age of 40. And couples that seemed to have it all break up and go through very nasty divorces.

Stephen M. Pollan's in "Live Rich" says: "Every moment you spend working to keep others down or worrying about someone else's success, is a moment you could better have spent making money for yourself. Living rich is not a zero sum game. There isn't a limited amount of riches out there. Someone else's success doesn't diminish you. And someone else's failure doesn't improve your life one bit." Worry about yourself and don't get caught up "Trying To Keep Up With The Joneses. 39

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