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 Essential Fatty Acids

EFAs, Essential Fatty Acids

In addition to the above I recommend taking essential fatty acids/EFAs to achieve optimal cellular function. These cannot be produced by our body and should come from external sources.

Omega 3 or alpha Linolenic Acid (LNA)
Omega 6 or Linoleic Acid (LA)
Omega 9 or Oleic Acid (OA)

Evening primrose oil or Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA)

There is no definite dosage recommendation for omega 3 and 6. Most studies show that we need to take 10-20 g of LNA and 3-5 g of LA per day. 44 Some prefer to take evening primrose oil at doses of 1-5 g per day.

In a formula I recommend the following combination.

Omega 3: 5-10 g per day
Omega 6: 2-5 g per day
Omega 9: 2.5 g per day

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