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 Beta-carotene and Carotenoids

These are provitamin A substances and must be converted into vitamin A before they can be utilised by our body. Carotenoids are substances that give all those beautiful colours to fruit and vegetables. Carotenoids are also fat-soluble pigments and non-toxic. There are 600 types of carotenoids and the most common variety is beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the gut by carotene oxygenase. This conversion takes place whenever the body needs vitamin A, and that is why they are non-toxic and very safe to use. Carotenoids have better antioxidant effect than vitamin A.

Best sources: carrots, oranges, broccoli, spinach, green leafy vegetables and yellow fruits.

Dosage: 15000-25000 IU of beta-carotene per day.

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