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Grape seed extract is a rich source of the most potent antioxidant discovered so far called proanthocyanodins. Proanthocyanodins are found in strawberries, avocadoes and bananas.

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It is my great pleasure to welcome you to I congratulate you for being health conscious as it shows that you are in the search of healthy living. This site is gateway to a wealth of information on nutritional healing and disease prevention. Take a look and learn about interesting aspects of your health.

Hippocrates once said: "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food".

Our mission is for you to become "health" conscious rather than "dis-ease" conscious. Our mission is for you to Live Longer, be Healthier and Happier.

Please feel free to use this site as a resource and if you find the information useful, you can sign up as a member and have access to specific recommendations. Do not hesitate in submitting your queries if you have any specific questions.

 Seminars & Workshops

I personally invite you to join us at our seminars and workshops to:

  • Learn the secrets of healthy living
  • Learn the secrets of antioxidants
  • Learn the secrets of contentment & success
  • Discover the secrets of anti-aging
  • Discover the secrets of youthful vitality
  • Discover the secrets of memory enhancement
  • Use the power of your mind to your advantage in your life and your work
  • Be pro-active and live without stress

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 Cancer Check

Did you know that there is a test that can predict to a degree whether you are developing cancer? It is called Total Antioxidant Status (TAS).

How do we know that we are developing cancer?

The key is to ascertain whether your antioxidant system is being overwhelmed by free radicals. Naturally if you have a good antioxidant system in place you are much less likely to develop any type of cancer. On the other hand if your free radicals are constantly overpowering your antioxidant defence, you are much more prone to develop cancer. If you would like to find out how your antioxidant status is doing, there is a laboratory in Melbourne, Australia where the investigation can be done.

What happens if your test indicates that you have developed some cancer cells?

If you do not do anything about it, it may develop into full cancer with all the problems associated with it.

Is there anything you can do to stop this? Yes, there is!

When you have developed cancer cells two things can take place. One is that abnormal cells can undergo differentiation, which means revert back to normal cells. Alternatively, the abnormal cells can undergo apoptosis, which means natural cell death. The key to cancer prevention and reversion is to build a strong antioxidant fortress. To help abnormal cells undergo differentiation in your body, you need to take EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) especially EPA and DHA.

EPA (Eicosapentanoic Acid) which is found in fatty fish such as herrings, mackerel and salmon, white fish like cod and haddock, crustacean (crabs and shrimps) and molluscs (mussels, oysters and scallops).48

DHA (Docosahexanoic Acid) is similar to EPA and it can convert to EPA. Australian fish tend to have higher levels of DHA compared to The Northern Hemisphere.48

EPA and DHA are also found in flaxseed, canola and walnuts.19

There are nutrients, which accelerate both differentiation and apoptosis. These include red clover and soy due to their phyto-oestrogen; genistein and daidzein.19

How do we prevent cancer?

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 Stress Management

Stress seems to be an inseparable part of our lives.

We are stressed because there is no job security any more.

We are stressed because we want a bigger house, a better car and more money.

We are stressed because we live in this competitive world where material gain and being number one is everything even if we have a heart attack and die for it.

What is this stress doing to us? It is constantly creating an expontential amount of free radicals in our body. In other worlds the human body, the only one we have, is being bombarded by free radicals. The end result will be oxidative stressm and one of these days one may die young at age forty or fifty.

This educational video by Dr Habibi is about learning about stress and how to deal with it more efficiently.

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Nutritional Healing - Young Today, Young Tomorrow

Focus on diabetes and heart disease

Learn the secrets of healthy living
Learn the secrets of disease prevention
Learn the secrets of antioxidants

Free radical assault to our cells and oxidative stress are the root causes of degenerative diseases such as aging, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis and many more.

This CD-ROM is about the prevention and treatment of diabetes and heart disease through healthy eating, (eating the right foods, and eating the right fruits and vegetables) and the use of the super-nutrients and antioxidants.

"Nutritional healing Young today, Young tomorrow" will help you to:

  • Improve your energy level
  • Safely use the essential nutrients and antioxidants
  • Protect yourself against diabetes and heart disease
  • Become health conscious and optimise your health
  • Make a difference to your life and the lives of others

If you have concerns about diabetes or heart disease
If you have concerns about premature aging
If you want to improve your health
You owe it to yourself to watch or listen to this educational CD

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